Tesco opens up supply chain to sustainability start-ups

Tesco opens up supply chain to sustainability start-ups Tesco and WWF launch accelerator programme to fast-track vital food system innovation Calls on government to help accelerate late-stage innovations in food supply chains Tesco and WWF have launched a new accelerator programme which pairs pioneering start-ups with Tesco suppliers to fast-track sustainability innovation in the supply chain which can cut the environmental impact of food and support UK food security. Innovation Connections will address a key barrier preventing promising sustainability innovations from being adopted at scale in food supply chains, by identifying suppliers who can help to scale up new ideas and technologies.


Applicants have been paired with long-term Tesco suppliers to pitch scale-up projects that apply their ideas in the real world of food supply chains. Winners will work with Tesco’s supplier partners to pilot and scale their innovation and will each receive up to £150,000 in funding support.

Ahead of the Innovation Connections finals this month, Tesco is calling on the UK government to do more to unlock innovation in UK food supply chains and support innovations to market readiness, not just at the seed funding stage.

Specifically, it is asking the Government to set out timelines and process for updating outdated regulations that hinder the scaling up of late-stage innovations such as insect protein in animal feed or sustainable low-carbon fertilisers, and to create incentives for businesses and consumers who are early adopters of new food system innovations.

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