Girl, 3, becomes Asda's 'youngest recruit' after having her birthday wish come true

A three-year-old girl saw her birthday wish come true - in an Asda.

Ella Ball donned Asda 's bright green uniform and became the store's youngest recruit after deciding to spend her birthday helping colleagues alongside her mum. Despite only wanting three things for her birthday: Paw Patrol toys, a party with her friends and a trip to her local Asda in Lancashire, it was working in the supermarket that won Ella's heart over, reports LancsLive.


Mum Debbie, who has worked at the Rawtenstall store since last July, says Ella wanted to follow in in her footsteps.

Debbie said: “I asked what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said, ‘go to Asda’. Every time she comes into store everyone makes a fuss of her – and she loves it!" Debbie's mini-me had the time of her life as she got to do a pretend shop and scan some items on the tills herself, adding: "She loves the shopping, she loves helping – she’ll put things back on the shelves if she sees them in the wrong place – and she likes the attention everyone gives her.” The birthday trip to Rawtenstall store meant that Ella Ball could sport the uniform, complete a polo shirt with Asda's bright logo on it.

Speaking about how she was able to get a one-of-a-kind custom made shirt made for Ella so she could wear it on her big day, Debbie said: “The top she’s got is one of my old ones. It’s got a hole in it, so one of my colleagues, Elizabeth Johnstone, made it into one that Ella could wear."

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